Meg (McCarthy) Cataldo


If you knew me first through agility you’ll know me as Meg McCarthy. After four years of marriage, and 11 years together, I finally took the steps for a name change (to a “Cat” no less). Trust me, I’m still getting used to it.

I have far less official titles than my dog, unless MFA counts. If so, add that to my registered name. I started competing in agility in the seventh grade (you do the math) and it’s been a life-shaping experience.

A former political science major turned creative writing master currently working in marketing at one of the biggest financial companies in the country.

This space is where I will do my best to be honest.


MACH2 Bare Cove Written in the Stars MXS MJS


A too-long name for a dog who came to me as an unplanned, perfect change of heart. He is known for his smile and limitless energy. We love agility. He’s my hiking buddy & my best friend. We’ve traveled a lot together the last couple years & have logged many miles on the Kia Soul. Every chance I get to step to the line with this dog is a privilege I do not take for granted. We consistently run with heart and joy.

  • 2015 AKC NAC Challenger’s round competitor
  • 2015 USDAA Central Regional GP Champion
  • 2015 USDAA NE Regional Steeplechase Champion
  • 2015 USDAA NE Regional GP 2nd Place Finalist
  • 2016 Westminster Finalist—2nd place 16”
  • 2016 AKC NAC Challenger’s round competitor
  • 2016 AKC WTT 3rd Place Overall Finisher 16”
  • 2016 AKC FCI World Team Member—Medium
  • 2016 FCI Team USA — Midi Team– 8th overall
  • 2017 AKC FCI World Team Member—Medium
  • 2017 FCI Team Agility silver medalist
  • 2017 FCI Team USA– Midi Team– 5th overall
  • 2018 USDAA NE Regional Biathlon Champion



The cutest, most mature, bi-black boy there has ever been. We are exploring the world bit by bit together and he and Bolt are the best of friends. Excited to see where the future brings us.

Nike, 6.22.2004-9.18.2018

MACH Sunaire Just Do It MXB MJS


Nike was my first “competitive” dog. I use quotes because I guess competitiveness is debatable, malleable and personal. But for me, he was. Nike came into my life when I was just 15 years old as a fluffy 10 week old puppy. A blue merle, with a big white face, bright brown cheeks, one beautiful blue eye and a back speckled in gray and black. I fell completely in love. He went on to be one of the biggest learning adventures I’ve taken in the sport. He was fast. We went to AKC Nationals multiple times, ISC events throughout the country, we tried out for the world team, played in USDAA and learned from some of the best instructors in the country. Being 15 though meant I didn’t have my training skills honed and so Nike’s performance sometimes reflected it– he kicked ass despite me.

He taught me patience, persistence, humility, and a love for this sport like none other. I wouldn’t be where I am without him.

To read more about Nike, please check out this post.



One thought on “Who?”

  1. Thank you for this very useful message. I am relatively new to agility. This weekend my girl finally contained her drive to sit long enough for me to take a small lead out. Heaven knows I know what is wrong. She think I am too slow.

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