Clear Sky, Clear Mind

I started running last summer. I was never a runner– I could run, I did run. But I didn’t like it unless it was contained in an agility field in some way. It was an attempt to get in better shape. It started out bad– I was slow, I was out of breath. But, like with most things, I wanted to make it happen. So I roughed it out, and slowly 90 seconds became 3 minutes became 10 minutes became 20 minutes became 3 miles. I run every week now, and not just at agility, but for fun. I love it– who knew running could make you smile while you did it; and not just a little smile, but beam. Sometimes it’s pure joy.

Being injured has been really tough. Running hasn’t happened as much as it used to, and when it does now I find myself a little afraid of it. I can’t live in bubble wrap for the next two weeks/ two months, and neither can Bolt. So we still explore. The one good thing this winter has done is make me appreciate the days of clear skies and temperatures above freezing.
You know you’re a New Englander when: you go to the beach because it stopped snowing.

This past weekend was wonderful. I got to spend it with the best people, playing with Bolt. He was so good. So, so good. We went to a seminar for nationals prep held by John Nys & it was the perfect place to get our timing back– well my timing back. Bolt was never off. He’s amazing. I’ve known John since I started agility– almost 12 years, he knows how to push me when I need it– and I so needed it. We worked all day, and laughed a lot, and learned a lot. By the afternoon I felt like we were in synch. I didn’t enter any shows in the weeks before Nationals. I know myself enough to know that if something went wrong I would dwell on it for days. I don’t want any (extra) baggage coming with us to Harrisburg. No doubts, no fears.

Plus Jen and I went on a photography adventure which included coffee, lots of driving, deep thoughts and imaginations running wild– the usual. The 700+ mile round trip to Pennsylvania will be a very awesome adventure for sure.

I’m keeping my resolutions. Training agility isn’t the most important part of agility.

In non-dog news, I’m finishing grad school in just over a month. I’ve been writing a novel for the past couple years for my thesis which doesn’t totally jive with what the school expected me to write. But I like it, my adviser likes it, and I finally feel like I’m back writing what I originally loved and that’s a good thing. Plus, I’ve written a lot recently and that’s a really good thing too. 15 pages to go.



One thought on “Clear Sky, Clear Mind”

  1. Good luck at Nationals! The mental game is huge and if you don't set too high of expectations, you can run more relaxed. Last year when I made finals, I wanted to just run connected and focused, and we did just that! I had planned to go this year but the lack of stalls/crating situation helped me decide to stay home.

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