Happy birthday, (no longer a baby) boy.



Biggest thank you to Joe for helping me make this video because if not for his help it would have just been a slideshow without a beat.


You’re the best.






7 thoughts on “Three”

  1. Happy birthday to a very special dog ❤️ What a wonderful journey you two are on. It’s incredible what you have already done in only 3 years! Enjoy your next advetures & keep smiling!

    Awesome video. I LOVE it! And also great song!

    Peta & Nessie

  2. As the owner of an almost 11 year old Sheltie, I can tell you the picture that moved me the most was the last one…they grow up so fast! It captured the spirit of love and laughter and joy that only a Sheltie can bring…ours is battling weak kidneys, but we do everything possible for her and her life is great! Thanks for the video….

    1. Thank you so much for watching. My merle (seen in pictures) is turning 10 in a week and it’s sort of a reminder of how quickly our time with them can go by. But they are an even stronger reminder of wonderful this life really is. How lucky we are to have the!
      Sending good thoughts and energy to you & your girl.

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