Another Adventure Awaits


Sometimes it’s hard to separate yourself from expectations, hopes & doubts. 

Sometimes all three exist at the same time. Friday morning Bolt and I will be on our way to Minnesota for our second world team tryouts. Last year he was the youngest dog there at a year old. I can honestly say that I went there with small expectations; I hoped to make it through some courses but above all else give my young dog and I some great experience as a team. He exceeded expectations when he placed in a round and finished in the top 10, but the weekend was far from perfect. We learned a lot. I learned a lot.
This year feels a little different. It’s hard not to place expectations and hopes on an event that signifies so much to me. I started this journey when I was 14 and began looking for the dog who might be able to get to world team with me. 10 years is a long time. I didn’t expect to be here with this dog already.
In a lot of ways I’m still going with my ‘baby dog’ this year. He’s two. A two year old with all the potential in the world & who has shown me that potential every single time we run together. I’m doing my best to balance the stress (because there is some), the excitement (there’s much more of that) and the expectations I place on myself.



This weekend I entered just one day of a local trial so we could focus on training. Bolt pulled out QQ #10 which is a pretty cool place to be. Running on rubber flooring is never our best bet, since he looks like a sports car trying to speed on a wet race track. Either way, lots of good things– plus we’re totally in sync. A good feeling for sure.  

So another adventure awaits; I’ll be talking to Paulette more than usual, balancing these hopes & expectations the best I can, and be spending the weekend with the greatest teammate I could have hoped for. What’s better than that?


(Also, I’m finishing my Master’s degree this week.)