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I had grand intentions of waking up with the sunrise today. Joe, Bolt and I were in Maine to celebrate our 5th dating anniversary. We drove up last night after Joe got out of work and after hitting Boston traffic we realized we weren’t going to catch the sunset at the beach like we had hoped. Camera in hand, we went anyway. Bolt barked a lot, we were lectured about plovers until our lecturer realized we were indeed part of the “beach family” (they really don’t like outsiders on their private beach, you know), and the sun set directly behind the trees & not at the beach at all.
Hence, my idea of the sunrise instead.

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We made our way back to our tiny cottage not too far away, unpacked and flopped into bed. Five AM rolled around incredibly fast and, surprisingly, we didn’t make it up in time for sunrise. (We sincerely value our sleep.)
Instead we packed, found coffee, went for a long drive and then found our way back to the beach– once it was time for low tide.

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The best thing about Gooserocks is the fact that when the tide goes out, it goes out. Way out.
So we walked, I took far too many pictures. Bolt barked less & no one tried to talk to us about baby plovers. The sky was incredible. The weather was absolutely perfect.

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Joe took my hand, covered my eyes and led me away from the water and told me to look down. There in the sand were the words he’d written without me seeing: Marry me?

And there he was, on one knee, a gorgeous ring tucked away in a black, velvet box.
A not so simple question with a very simple answer: yes.

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So then there was hugging and laughing and crying (because yes, I cried. Apparently I’m a crier.) and Bolt bouncing off our legs barking, excited. Perfect, beautiful, love– wrapped up in a moment. Just amazing.
Sorry for all the sap, I’ll stop, promise.

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here’s this picture of Bolt to make up for it.

We spent the rest of the day around town with me still mostly in a daze. I still am. But I had to write this down, to try my best to wrap this feeling up and save it, share it– stay entwined in it.

More to come on this. I promise. But bed is calling, and we must be up and ready to go to a show in the morning.

But seriously.



that is all. ❤

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